July 2023 Newsletter

Dated: July 24 2023

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I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July and that you have been enjoyed the cool down we had, it’s about to heat up again.  My email newsletter let everyone know what I did. If you didn’t receive it and want to, text me your email address so I can add you to the recipient list.

The definition of the American Dream is different for everyone, but for many people it is a sense of success, freedom, and prosperity. These are all things that owning a home can help provide.

A recent survey from Bankrate asked respondents which achievements they feel most embody the American Dream Their response was:

Owning a Home      74%                                       Being able to Retire           62%

Successful Career   61%                                       College Degree                    33%

Homeownership ranks above all, including retirement, having a successful career, and earning a college degree.

A recent report from MYND helps shed light on why so many people value homeownership. It finds: “… nearly 2/3 of Americans (65%) see homeownership as a means of building intergenerational wealth?”

That’s because, when you own a home, your equity (and net worth) grows over time as you pay down your home loan an as home prices appreciate. This can be a key factor in building intergenerational wealth and long-term financial stability.

To further drive home the difference homeownership can make in your life, a report from Fannie Mae says: “Most consumers (87%) believe owning a home is important to ‘live the good live’. …Notably, significantly more see ‘having less stress’ as a benefit achieved by owning than renting.”

Especially today, this could be because, when you own a home with a fixed rate mortgage, you stabilize what’s likely the largest monthly expense (your housing cost), and that helps combat the impact of rising inflation.

What does this mean for you?  While it may feel challenging to buy a home today with higher mortgage rates and prices, if the time is right for you, know that when you buy a home, incredible benefits are waiting for you at the end of the journey.

The bottom line is that buying a home is a significant and powerful choice, embodying the foundation of the American Dream. If you plan to make your homeownership dream a reality this year, take the first step by reaching out to your local real estate agent, me, and start the process today.

~ Alison

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July 2023 Newsletter

I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July and that you have been enjoyed the cool down we had, it’s about to heat up again.  My email newsletter let everyone know what I did. If you didn

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