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What is important to you in a REALTOR? It’s more than just sending you listings and showing homes. It is a commitment to you and your goals.  It requires listening and understanding your needs, serving with honesty, great negotiation skills, knowledge of all things real estate and dedication to seeing things through. When you share your goals with me, we will structure a plan together to help you achieve them.

Your investment in real estate is the largest investment you will make.  I will help you track your home value as the market fluctuates; if you currently own a home I can show you a monthly statement that helps you track the value as you continue to make improvements. If you are just buying a home, you can receive a monthly statement to show you how your investment is doing.  Just like receiving a 401K statement or your bank statement, you will always know how your real estate investment is performing.

As a real estate agent since 2004, I have assisted in closing over 300 transactions. Representing the buyer, seller, or both. I have extensive knowledge in negotiations, advertising, and marketing to help you achieve your homeownership goal.  Let me help you take the next step in your future.

I will be here for you throughout your transaction and long afterward.  I love hearing from my past clients and helping them into their next home or helping them choose paint and flooring and more.

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